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Madhulika. S Naidu is an expert in learning experience with a PhD in Molecular and Environmental Plant Science followed by a Master’s with triple emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, Education psychology, Social and Leadership development from Texas A &M University, College Station, Texas. Her innovation in English learning using local language, culture and way of life has been listed among top 10 innovations in Asia and Africa in Secondary Education (Results for Development Institute, Washington D.C., supported by Rockefeller Foundation). Madhu has been a TEDx IIM Ranchi speaker on “Teaching with a difference" and TEDx IIT BHU speaker on “Arts based learning". The focus of her innovation is through an understanding of the connected world using progressive approaches such as constructivist pedagogy, Place based learning, Arts based learning and spiral learning.

Madhu developed The Studio approach of learning in India. Her vision has enabled collaboration of several schools through an empathy project called Gift Compassion. Over the past decade, empathy project Gift Compassion has been very successful in creating a culture of sharing and compassion through a gift economy reaching 10,000, 15,000 and 25,000 children in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively and later spreading across India.

Madhu has designed and developed a public installation called ‘A Spectacle: The Story of Light’ at the intersection of mathematics, art, design, anthropology and history. The installation was showcased at the Story of Light festival in Goa in 2015 and at the Hyderabad Literary Festival in 2016 with an engagement of 15,000 people in Goa and an engagement of over 50 schools in Hyderabad in 2015 and 2019 respectively. The installation was widely appreciated at the Hyderabad literary Festival in 2016.

Madhu has designed and implemented Science education programs for 25,000 children in Hyderabad integrating arts based learning with Science and Mathematics. Her innovation in learning culminated with a large interdisciplinary festival of learning in 2019. She has also developed pedagogy to accelerate learning for children especially focused on enhancing the pace of emotional development to reach age appropriate levels. The pedagogy focused on accelerated learning enables the learner to reach age appropriate levels and standards according to grade level expectations along with the required emotional development.

Abstract Painting

Madhu is a multitalented professional and has a diversified portfolio to include training, facilitation, research, coaching, counselling, writing, publishing and consulting. This blog website has a detailed overview of her accomplishments in teaching, creating learning experiences suitable to needs assessment, research and publications, and development work in the non profit sector. Her passion for children's literature compels Madhu to keep designing and publishing eclectic books for children as and when she innovates a different approach to learning.

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